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I’m Moshe, a professional videographer in Israel that can produce any type of video, anywhere in Israel.

Corporate video production, television, broadcast, marketing video ads, fundraising videos, live-streaming, and event video production.

No matter what your video goals are, you can choose one of my curated video packages to get started on your project, or I can tailor a custom video production plan that is specific to your needs.

I create videos for brands, anywhere in Israel.

Case studies, interviews, stories, TV content, films, documentaries, event livestreams, advertising and animation; basically I produce moving images to tell an compelling story.

See some of my my recently completed videos.

Top brands turn to me to deliver their productions. From publicly traded enterprises to independent businesses and non-profits, the results speak for themselves.

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See some of my video content categories below to start your video project. Just choose from these pre-priced, professional videography plans, and you can instantly start creating content for your brand.


Commercial Ads

Average price ILS ₪9,098

Advertising video production is the ideal way to communicate a message about a product or service to your potential customers. I work with brands all over Israel on Commercial Advertising productions of any scale! Whether you need a TV commercial or videos for your Facebook ads, I will make sure to meet your company’s style, taste, and vision.



Average price ILS ₪5,794

Emotions drive donations, and a good fundraising video has the power to strike an emotional chord in the heart of your donors. I will create a great fundraising video that can transform your cause from a commodity in the mind of your donors into an indispensable cause that must be prioritized.


Case Studies

Average price ILS ₪3,179

Case Studies video production showcases the most compelling reasons for customers to sign up for your product or service. I will create a highly effective Case Study video, providing potential customers with a better and more complete understanding of how your business will benefit them by showing them how you have helped a previous customer just like them.



Average price ILS ₪3,407

Testimonial videos are a compelling method to feature an individual validating your company's products or services. It is a great way to convince your audience with strong social proof. I will expertly capture the optimal angles and lighting and reduce ambient noise to provide the proper focus and attention on the featured individual and gain your audience's trust.



Average price ILS ₪2,932

Interview videos are the most effective method to extract a genuine response from a person. Let your prospective customers hear what makes your business indispensable - directly from your satisfied customers! I will create an effective interview video, that stands out, by getting the subject to communicate the message that is in line with your business goal for this video.



Average price ILS ₪9,731

Medical videos can raise awareness for your healthcare services and products. You can tell your story from the patient’s perspective with a live-action video or tell your story through the technical perspective with a 3D animated explainer video. Regardless of how you want to tell your story, I am ready to bring your vision to life through visually compelling medical video content.



Average price ILS ₪4,117

Tutorial videos are an effective method to show to both customers and employees how simple and beneficial it is to use your product or service. I will expertly create training tutorials that are clearly understood by viewers while featuring how valuable your product or service is.


Music Videos

Average price ILS ₪4,713

Music Videos are a great way to capture your audience and communicate a memorable message. Whether you have a hit song, an upcoming live performance, or just a love for music, I will tastefully amplify your art to a wider audience with an awesome video. You can even use Music Videos to promote your products and services!


TV and Film

Average price ILS ₪ Custom per project

Film and Television Video Production demands attention to detail and many different parts working seamlessly. I will provide TV, documentary, and film production services custom-tailored to your network’s needs and specs. This includes location scouting and permits, planning, filming, and editing.

End-to-End Video Production Services in Israel

I can help you reach your video production goals regardless of the progress you have already made in your project. I can take an idea for a video and execute it into a plan, script, shoot, edit or broadcast.

Professional Videography: Filming anything, even from the air!


On-location filming

Whether it's interviewing a customer, filming a marketing video ad, shooting large-scale events, or showcasing business operations, as a professional videographer in Israel, I can help you shoot anywhere in Israel and the West Bank, remotely, including single and multi-crew shoots. In short, we can set up a film studio anywhere.


In-studio filming

A studio environment is an ideal place for creating professional, high-quality videos, especially those that will be broadcasted on television, high-stakes events, and/or are at the center of high-budget campaigns. I have access to multiple professional, sound-proof film studios in Israel, specifically in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This means we can use a space that already has the dedicated infrastructure ready to produce broadcast-ready content. I can even leverage the power of green screen studio production for adding special effects to your video.


Aerial Videography

Aerial videography requires using a helicopter or a drone to capture footage. An aerial drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that I can remotely control to allow me to film from the sky. One of the primary advantages of using a drone is that it allows me to capture footage that only about 10 years ago would have required a much bigger staff, amount of equipment, and time. Drones allow me to capture bird’s eye views, crane shots (without a crane!), orbit shots, follow-up shots, fly-throughs, and many other advanced shots.

Post Production: Video editing, animations and translations.


Professional video editing

Video editing is the stage in the video production process where everything comes together to achieve the project’s intended outcome. The goal at this stage is cutting and rearranging footage, voiceover, music, and media assets to tell the story most effectively and compellingly. I can edit your project regardless of whether the footage was shot by me or other people. I work exclusively with professional video editing software and hardware such as Final Cut Pro 10, Adobe Premiere, and Avid Media Composer.


Animation and motion graphics

Animations and motion graphics are the perfect way to demonstrate products or messages that are difficult to communicate on camera. This includes fully animated videos, text animations, and animated elements on traditional video formats such as interviews. I collaborate with illustrators and animators in Israel, to ensure we get the best results for your animated video.


Captioning and translation

An easy way to appeal to a larger audience and get better results from your video content is to add translated captions to your videos. The captioning involves typing out all dialogue spoken in a video, translating it, formatting it as subtitles, and syncing it with the video. I can produce subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic. Please note; at the moment, I only offer translated captions as part of a complete post-production package, not as a stand-alone service.

Live Video Broadcasting Services


Livestream for Events (Live Video Online Broadcasting)

I can broadcast your event online from anywhere in Israel. Live events can be anything from small-sized panel discussions to large-scale product launch events and global conferences. I always rehearse live events in advance, bring backup broadcasting equipment, and connect using my broadcast-specific internet connection to ensure the live stream is 100% online when it needs to be.


Virtual Events

I use a virtual event platform in addition to traditional live-streaming, to host engaging and interactive online conferences and fairs. With this solution, you can: Host multiple parallel sessions seamlessly, offer captivating booths to sponsors, exhibitors, and partners. I can provide all the features that you would expect from an in-person corporate conference at a hotel, online, for a fraction of your effort.

Why Moshe Rozenbaum and ICY Media?

I know there are many good videographers in Israel. So why should you choose to work with me and my company?

A flexible film crew size means I can either produce your video by myself as an independent creator or if the project requires multiple cameramen, editors, production coordinators, designers, etc, I have a pool of trusted colleagues ready to jump in to work on your project.

I deeply understand that the quality of my service is the vital element that will ensure the success of your video production project. I have the tools and resources to communicate clearly with you and your team to ensure I am constantly delivering results according to your specs in a timely and accurate manner.

I have a proven track record of my ability to perform video production services dependably, accurately, and on time, with over 200+ completed projects – getting it right the first time all the time. I use a CRM platform to keep track of the progress and changes of all our projects and to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

I am equipped with both compact and extensive video production equipment. This includes cameras, microphones, lights, gimbals, communications equipment, sets, backgrounds, and many other tools needed to ensure steady, in-focus images with great audio and lighting. Depending on the requirements, each project has a camera kit specific to it, to ensure I bring the right tools for the job without overwhelming everyone with big, bulky unnecessary amounts of gear. As a professional videographer in Israel, I use broadcast-compliant Canon Cinema cameras capable of filming in 4K, 2K, and 1080p.

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I like to build long-term client relationships by exceeding customer expectations, and my previous customers have noticed that. Many of them have been working with me for years. Some of them have even written Google reviews about their experience. You can read these reviews on my Google Business page.

We enjoyed working with Moshe and the team at ICY media. They always stayed focused, professional and worked hard. Very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.
Jenn Brannstrom
Moshe is a top-notch editor that can run with the information you give him and return a product that is better than you expected.
Michael Pote
Moshe was filming our office in team a whole day for a recruitment movie. The experience was pleasant and natural. Moshe was very kind, and the outcome was great!
Inbal Rosenshtock

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