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From cell research to fluorescent light, microscopes can reveal it all. But just like a regular picture, a high quality photo can show more than what meets the eye. If your looking to capture such subjects in high quality, we can deliver it.

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"I have worked with ICY Media several times over the last few months. They have an eye for detail, light, and emotion. They create nuanced films, and are extremely talented. They care about creating the video their client is looking for and work hard to make your vision a reality. Besides for being creative, talented, innovative and hardworking, they are also two of the loveliest people. They make working with them so easy and seamless- I am so grateful to them for the stunning content they have made for me time and time again. My favorite film-making team in Israel!"
Shira Sheps
CEO - Layer's Project




Using Fluorescent and Phosphorescent light instead of reflections and mirrors of a traditional microscope, this method of microscopy allows for more detailed photographs, especially of living cells.


Using traditional microscopy, we can detailed images of whatever you need observed under a high-tech lens.

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