Professional Livestream Services in Israel

Live Video Broadcasting.
Stage Audio and Projection.

Why us?


From the start, we’re here to enable and enhance your vision. That means clear communication built on friendly service and an earnest desire to see your success.

Flawless Execution

We get things right, on time, and on budget. Multiple backup redundancies coupled with years of experience ensure a seamless AV experience, providing you with quality and peace of mind.


What we say, we do. In live productions, hiccups are part of the game. We overcome the challenges without slipping you hidden fees. In this country, that’s a special thing.


Planning a meeting or event in Israel can be complicated — that’s why we offer our in-house event logistics services to handle every little detail.

Videography and Live Broadcasting

Our expert videographers are on point to capture all of the important moments and to present them with artful impact. Whether you require a live broadcast, an edited event marketing video, or both, we pride ourselves on delivering professional, quality Audio/Video results.
Stage Live Audio Systems, Streaming, and Multitrack Recording
We specialize in low-profile, high-quality sound systems for venues of all sizes. Our seemless video integration ensures quality audio for all your live and recorded requirements. On site multitrack recording capabilities allow for full service editing, mixing and mastering for studio-quality results.

Video Projection and Stage Design

We put years of experience into developing creative design solutions for your events. Whether you want low-profile sound systems, projectors and screens, or impactful event lighting, we work with you to make sure your needs are met in style and class.


Case Studies

Universal Oil & Gas
Dead Sea, Israel
Axis Innovation
Tel Aviv, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

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