Leo Chatbot

By Max Bublick We helped the Leo chatbot increase product awareness, with a tech marketing video. Multiple versions in 2 languages allowed them to target multiple b2b markets and potential clients. Leo wanted to promote themselves to audiences in English and Hebrew, so they reached out to us at ICY Media, to produce a hi-tech […]


By Max Bublick The Layers Project Magazine once again reached out to ICY Media to produce another music video for their holiday season series. This time, the singer-songwriter Tziona traveled to Jerusalem to record a cover of Shakira’s “Try Everything” from the movie Zootopia. Putting her own spin on the tune, Tziona, her Djembe accompanist […]

Tu Torah TV

By Max Bublick The Jewish community in Mexico City wanted to make a television program highlighting different tourists sites in Jerusalem. The goal was to capture enough content to produce 30 minute episodes in each site. So we went out to find the best Spanish tour guides the city has to offer and our team […]


By Max Bublick Sapir and her band were asked by the Layers Project Magazine to put together a music video for the Hannukah season at hand. So they traveled down to Jerusalem to film with ICY Media to create a quality music video befitting the Magazine that commissioned it. The Singer-songwriter, along with her guitarist […]

Netivot Yisrael Fundraiser

By Max Bublick The project for Netivot Yisrael, which is a synagogue in Har Homa greater Jerusalem area, was a fundraising promo video. The key members of the community thought that after many years of holding services in a makeshift garage turned synagogue it was time to build a brand new home of worship. Our […]


By Max Bublick With the recent growth in cryptocurrencies, Cryptodiamonds, a Bitcoin based company, decided that the time was right to seek out new investors. The company hosted an international conference in a local Tel Aviv bar for prospective global investors from all over Europe and Asia, where they pitched the new opportunities in the […]

Chef Zissie


By Max Bublick To celebrate the Hannukah season, Chef Zissie was commissioned by Layers Project Magazine to share a couple of her personal favorite salad dressing recipes on the Internet. To help her out making the step by step tutorial, she enlisted the help of ICY Media and their production crew. Filming in her Israeli […]

Aish Israel Center

By Max Bublick “Amazing things are happening in Israel!” The Aish Israel Center not only believes in this ideal, but they are helping to promote it worldwide. Bringing together Jews from all sorts of different backgrounds and upbringings, Aish has been connecting the Jewish community in newer and grander ways. Mothers with Meaning are in […]


By Max Bublick Independent businesses can find it so hard to thrive or even exist in a market where resources are being developed at record paces and can leave them wonting to keep up. IDOC is a service that specializes in helping optometrists learn how to operate in the modern market with all the new […]

Channel 2: Hundreds of olim make the evening news with our help

By RAPHAEL SAPHRA The summer of 2015 saw an enormous wave of new immigrants coming from North America. The Israeli News Channel Two worked in conjunction with Nefesh B’Nefesh to highlight the charter flight arriving in Israel and ICY Media was hired to take footage of the event. The requirement was to film and edit […]